The Raven Tactical International Urban Survival & Operations School is dedicated to teaching people from all walks of life essential Urban survival skills.  Our Instructors will teach the students to "gain the upper hand" if they find themselves outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched in an urban setting. Our Courses are invaluable to both the professorial operating in dangerous urban settings on a daily basis, or the laymen who may suddenly find himself in a dangerous urban situation.  This is serious, professional Urban Survival and Operations training.  These are not wilderness survival skills adapted to the urban environment.   



Students are taught how to acquire basic and advanced needs in an urban setting and while in survival mode....."survival mode" is defined during the course and students are tested during a field exercise that is made as realistic as possible and still safe for participants. This course will teach students survive long enough until help arrives or relocation is possible. (approx 8 hours classroom time and overnight field exercise for basic achieve intermediate or advanced levels it is recommended that students take at least two of the other workshops....classroom time is not necessary to achieve intermediate or advanced levels...only the overnight exercise)


This course teaches students urban the end of this course students will be able to identify common structures and security framework of those structures....students will be taught to create a realistic mission plan to infiltrate these structures in the most efficient method possible while operating alone or in a small group (less than 5) and in a way as to not trigger a large scale response from those occupying the structure or the security measures which are in place.


Students are taught to move on the three levels of urban terrain...(the high-rise level, subterranean level, street level) safely and efficiently.


Students are taught to locate and close with a specific target in all 4 types of urban environment...students are also taught how to avoid being tracked after they themselves have been targeted...students are tested during a field exercise that is made as realistic as possible and still safe for participants (approx 8 hours classroom time and overnight field exercise)


Students are taught to evade the most common types pursuit techniques in each of the types of urban environments....and how to create and implement a realistic escape mission should evasion fail or be dropped.....(and evasion mission is dropped if the student identifies that it will be easier to allow oneself to be captured and escape later...this is done very seldom and not advisable unless under special conditions which the student will be taught to identify) ..students are also taught to behave while in captivity as to not impede the escape mission should that situation arise (8 hours classroom and a daytime field exercise which students will demonstrate evasive maneuvers in controlled realistic situations)



Students are taught to remain hidden across all four types of urban environments (this is not painting your face and acting like a trash can)...students are taught skills of misdirection, hiding in plain sight,and disguise.....ADVANCED-students are taught the most common electronic surveillance and search methods found in an urban environment and how to remain undetected or defeat these devices.....(8 hours classroom and a daytime field training exercise where the students location will be known within 50 meters and they must remain hidden from or defeat all search methods for 1 hour)